Things every new mom should know


Share the responsibility

Things every new mom should know

Bring in some daddy time. Team work will give you personal time. It will help you catch up on your sleep, read, watch the new soap opera. Whatever it is you loved doing before the little one arrived.

Men will fall in whatever pattern you decide fairly quickly, so if you try to be the sole command of the baby, it will be damn near impossible to break that cycle.

Trust your partner to take care of the baby on his own, even away from your watchful gaze. He can handle it!

It will help to divide responsibilities. You can list your responsibilities and make your partner do the same. Comparing these lists will help you both deduce if most of the burden is falling on one.

Is there something you would like to change in your list?
Is there a chore you dislike having on your list?
Is it possible to swap it with something else?
This activity will help you balance responsibilities and reassign some, if need be. And finally, for each party to make compromises.


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