Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Is It Worth the Hype?


Reasons why “The Force Awakens” is a must watch

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Is It Worth the Hype?

  • The art with which Mr Abrams connects this adventurous fantasy of three individual consumed in their own misery to the first three original parts is commendable
  • Unlike the previous sequels, the force awakens has shown connection to the original movies and not copied the original movies.
  • The force awakens has indeed awoken the star wars saga and this is believed to make things right from here for the series.

At this point in time, star wars needed no less than God to retain its place and the force awakens has lived up to the mark hence without a doubt, it is worth the hype and for all those who haven’t yet watched it with the assumed perception that it will disappoint must press the download button and let the world of star wars take you by storm with its exceptional comeback.



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