How your body warns you about a heart attack


Shoulder and arm pain all the way to the neck and jaws

How your body warns you about a heart attack

A sharp pain or even mild and prevailing pain in your arm and shoulder as if a pulled muscle has recently become a very important factor related to heart and should never be ignored.

Such pain can be experienced in your jaws and neck separately or along with the arm and shoulder. The pain feels like having tightly clutched with a metal rod or something tightening to an extent of a gripping feeling. You are unable to eat or chew.

This basically happens when a damaged heart tissue or pain from a blocked artery sends pain signals through the spinal cord. What we need to know in order to distinguish between a pulled muscular pain or a serious one is to figure out if the pain comes and goes, and is persisting unrelieved. It may be that you feel the pain in the neck one day then nothing on the other day and then gradually again in the neck and moving to ear and jaws.

Numbness, tightness, or tingling pains -especially if any physical activity triggers them and a little rest eases them down – should never be taken lightly.

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