Some foodstuff You should NEVER Eat


Vegetable Oils & Margarine

Vegetable Oils & Margarine

Okay, by vegetable oils I do not mean the healthy plant oils like olive oil or coconut oil. Of course not. Those oils are in fact the best of all. But the other vegetable oils like canola, soya, sunflower or safflower oils etc are not good for us, and that is a fact. Believe it or not, but vegetables oils are not healthy and unnatural in large amounts.

They contain very large amounts of biologically active fats called Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats and acids are very harmful. These oils are normally and genetically customized to particular needs and moderately hydrogenated. Their method by which they are processed is really disgusting. It includes pressing, heating, accumulation of various industrial chemicals and highly toxic solvents.

These oils can muddle up the fatty acid composition of the cells of our bodies. They contribute to inflammation, bone and tendon problems; can even raise the risk of cardiovascular disease dramatically and so many other diseases and physical problems! Same applies to margarine. Margarines are high in salt and contain artery-clogging fats. And margarine is made from vegetable oils.


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