Fall 2016 Nail Color Trends


Never forget the base coat

Fall 2016 Nail Color Trends

Whenever you’re working with the darker polish for your nails, it’s always essential to protect your nails from the stains.

Start with a base coat, for you to make sure that the polish will not leave any sort of lasting mark on your nails.

Some of the base coats have its own advantage, such as extending the life of the manicure, while enhancing the health and texture of your nails.

Get rid of the mistakes – there’s nothing better than looking at your nails fully polished with your favorite color. However, if you’re not really good at doing so, you will definitely end up with the nail polish splattered around your cuticles. The struggle is totally real with this one. So, prior to smearing your dark nail polish color, you should have the orange stick or cotton swab dipped in a remover all set. That way, whenever you make a mistake, using it can help you clean up the mess.

Considering the tips mentioned above will make the person who have the best nails in 2016. Sweet, right? So, choose the proper color and enjoy it!



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