China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?


What style sense our Chinese brethren have!

China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?

Women in China are now wearing mask to the beach. It’s China’s Latest Beach Trend, It isn’t so recent though, the first one was made and worn around 2004 but only this year it became really popular. Oh and this isn’t just any mask, it’s a mask with a purpose – To creep people out!  (not really, but it does!) The facekini as it’s being called, is being used to protect the face from the sun while at the beach.

I wonder if it is attractive or repulsive!

The closest thing it resembles is a balaclava used in winters by some to protect the head, face and neck from extreme cold.

The first time I saw one though, it reminded me of masks that Mexican wrestlers wear, especially because the ladies wearing them were not on the petite side.

My first reaction was confusion. I wonder what yours would be? There are plenty of weird stories out there but this one caught my eye because with everything Chinese being imported in countries around the world, I’m waiting to see if these modern Chinese cultural trend can succeed outside the red nation.


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