8 Best Credit Cards in the US


3. Capital One Platinum Prestige

8 Best Credit Cards in the US

Capital One Platinum Prestige is for undemanding and unambiguous people. It is more likely to suit people who have magnificent credit history and believe in one off payments keeping their credit score up to date.

So if you are anything like that and don’t really have interest in any additional benefits and rewarding systems then this card is the right choice for you. With this card you will not only save money but will easily pay off the pending bills and arrears with absolutely no added interest.

More notably, Capital One doesn’t indict any penalty or hidden charges if you are incapable of paying your bill in time or fail to make a payment for any reason. Plus, there is no annual fee or balance transfer fee.

You also get an added warranty on eligible products purchase. And one of its very unique features, an added advantage for its customers is the automatic entitlement of $100,000 travel accident insurance – which means in an event of any travel accident causing death or dismemberment and you and your family get full cover.


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