8 Best Credit Cards in the US


1. The Citi CITGO MasterCard

8 Best Credit Cards in the US

This card is for regular and loyal CITGO consumers, not only that you earn 4% cash back on every purchase you make, earn generous rewards but you save up to 10% on all CITGO purchases too. It offers up to 1% percent in return on all other purchases – where it is 0.5% on your first $5,000 of spent and 1% percent in return on spending over $5,000. The rewarding system is pretty generous and straightforward too.

Not only that every little spending gets you good points but using your card on the CITGO gas stations give you 4% cash back. So it is a very straightforward and automatic system.

And the plus point, there is no annual fee!

Credit rating is required of 660 and above. There is just one thing I think might not be suitable for everyone, the points redemption period is as short as six months so you don’t really have enough time to collect them but spend them before they expire!


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