7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas


Take online surveys.

7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas

There are so many online survey sites to choose from! And the compensation varies from site to site, and it’s not big money.

But again, this is something else that can be done during that couch time during those television commercials about the vacation you’re going to take with the extra money you’re making from your couch!

It’s best to join multiple survey sites since you won’t always qualify for the surveys available on each site at a given moment.

Sometimes they’re looking for a specific demographic, so you can answer those first few questions only to find out that you don’t qualify. But signing up for multiples sites, I average between $50 and $100 per month just in survey money.

One thing to remember though… you should not have to pay a membership fee in order to participate on a site. The site makes its money off of the people who want the survey, they shouldn’t be double dipping and charging the people who are being surveyed.


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