5 Step Eyeliner Technique for Women Over 40


To Get This Look


Step #1 & 5: Nude Eye Shadow Palette by Lorac

This shadow palette has every color you need to create a perfect eye, and comes with primer to make your eye shadow last longer.

It’s also the highest rated neutral palette on Amazon.

In my opinion it’s worth it to spend more money on your shadow.

They almost always go on more smoothly and last better.

Step #2 & 3: Dark Brown Eyeliner by Revlon

Black can be harsh. Dark brown gives you a similar look, but it’s much, much softer and easier to wear.

It also goes with nearly every skin tone and eye color. In this case, you don’t need to splurge on the more expensive item.

Revlon, in my opinion, works just as well as the cosmetic counter brands.

Step 4: Angled brush by Sigma

An angled brush is an absolute must for achieving this look and this brush by Sigma has nice firm bristles that will get right into the corner of your eye and create that beautiful soft smudge.


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