Top 10 Collagen-Boosting Foods


Collagen is super-important to youthful looking skin. 

Collagen is the foundation for the connective tissue that supports your skin’s structure. Without it, skin sags. But, our body produces less and less collagen starting at about age 35.

Top 10 Collagen-Boosting Foods

Quality Food is Important to Wrinkle Reduction
Using skin treatments to boost collagen production in the skin helps, but like most truths when it comes to health as we get into our fabulous 40s, 50s and 60s, quality food plays a huge part in collagen production.

By eating foods that help your body produce collagen, you can help strengthen your skin, prevent wrinkles, and create more resiliency.

Flip through this Gallery to see what delicious foods also help create great skin.


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