Things every new mom should know


Don’t underestimate the power of personal time

Things every new mom should know

Though this one may seem redundant, you will experience that with the new baby, taking personal time will start to seem more and more like a luxury.

With very high expectations of yourself as a parent, you will find yourself pushing to meet goals at any cost.

This will leave you little or no ‘me’ time.

Personal time is not an indulgence, it is absolutely mandatory.

It will help you deal with stress way better.

With a division of responsibility, you will get personal time and be able to do what you love.

What you are really doing when making space for personal time in your life is making space for yourself. This will give your body and mind some time to re-energize.

So take some time to do what you love doing.

Try to retain some semblance of your own identity. It will go a long way in being patient when the little one is driving you crazy.


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