Things every new mom should know


Understand that every child is unique

Things every new mom should know

As mothers, we have a natural tendency to fall into the comparison trap. And that is a sure shot ingredient to drive you insane.

It can be tempting. And, at times, it may even be a source of pride, comparing l ength, weight, hours of good sleep, number of dirty diapers, pounds, ounces, formula intake, etc. etc. will usually add to your distress.

Here’s what you must accept: All children are unique.Every child grows at his or her own pace. Both, inside and outside the womb. Where some are genetically prone to be tiny, others are chubby.

Every child is born with a different set of vulnerabilities and strengths. What should matter is your baby’s healthy, happy and active.

As a direct result to comparisons, parents either feel their parenting is flawed, or the pressure falls on the child to do better; to succeed in all fronts, as their age mates.

Remember, parenting in a manner that meets your child’s individual needs is the best way to parent.


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