Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Is It Worth the Hype?


Into the Plot

Star Wars: The Force Awakens- Is It Worth the Hype?

The film opens with a golden text that indicates that Luke skywalker has disappeared and the Galactic Empire’s successor “the first order” is wiping the galaxy in search of skywalker.

General Leia Organna is also involved in the search of Luke and what adds the fun to the search is the fact that Poe Dameron is sent to a new planet “Jakku” to redeem a map that will guide them to Luke’s location. However, Poe is captured by Stormtroopers and the village is cleansed out completely and to make things even more gripping comes the fact that, BB-8 runs away with the map, off to a barren junkyard settlement where Rey is introduced in the film.

However the most engrossing part of the movie begins when Stormtrooper helps Poe in escaping but somehow there TIE fighter crashes down to where Rey and Luke have taken refuge. This is the part where the audience will get to see the feel of friendship in the midst of so much sci fi and action.

With so much going on, the director J.J ABRAMS deserves a pat on the back for finally adding new realms to the series and shaking star wars off its slumber. The director Mr Abrams approach to movies has always been different. In his terrifically directed Star Trek, it was eminent that he had put a lot of hard work into being able to execute the perfect action scenes and give the new generation something original to watch. This has been witnessed in star wars as well.


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