Sex and sports; the sweaty combination causing confusion


This started with athletes who won medals and later changed their sex as early as the 1930s.

Sex and gender in sports

There were some women who had partial male genitals and one Polish athlete was later discovered to have all XX and XXY chromosomes. This made her a confusion, and therefore she was banned from competing.

Do people born with such genetic conditions not have the right to participate?

Are they less human?

Or will there be a whole Olympics game set up for people with mixed sexes, and too many chromosomes to compete with, because the testing services don’t know how to categorize them?

On surface level in 1992 the Olympics council stopped sex testing but they continue still in the national and international sports boards worldwide.

Although the world Olympics now only test those who are very suspicious (aka not had a complete sex change for at least 2 years, with hormones and all) the Asian Olympics councils still has this test in place.

China gave us a whole lot of trouble about this during the Olympics there because they insisted on the tests.


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