Sex and sports; the sweaty combination causing confusion


Sports is not kind to those with sex issues

Sex and sports; the sweaty combination causing confusion.

I really want him to stop claiming he’s a woman because people who actually have such concerns of needing sex change, or simply feeling like the other sex have so many concerns other than changing their physical appearance.

These concerns are prominent especially in sports than in any other arena because the media and money is involved and not just people.

Gender verification has been in sports for a while; the first recorded instance I know of was in 1950.

Essentially it’s there so people don’t pose as the opposite sex and try to win a medal.

Take for example a man posing as a woman, but really being male in terms of organs and hormones, might have unfair physical advantage in some sports where strength is required.

This shows up a lot in running, weight lifting, wrestling and many more sports.


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