Personal Loans For The Unemployed – Is It Possible?


Higher Risk Options

Personal Loans For The Unemployed - Is It Possible?

There are small lenders who specialize in car title loans.

These are suitable for people who have repaid their car or have only a few installments left to make. You can get a good amount of cash with this type of loan. However, you can expect a fairly high interest rate. If you do not repay what you owe, you will lose your car.

The pawn shops also offer small loans against valuables like electronics and jewelry. Again, the interest rates are very high so repayment is quite difficult. Furthermore, the loan size is usually much smaller than the value of the asset placed as security. That is why you may consider selling a valuable item rather than borrowing money against it.

Payday loans are available to unemployed people who receive some sort of income into their bank account. They are easy and quick to get, but they tend to be quite expensive as well.

Compare carefully the types of loans suitable the unemployed and decide on the best one for you.


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