Latest Hairstyle Trends For 2016



Latest Hairstyle Trends For 2016

The Pompadour hairstyle were used mainly by men before and up until today.

It is actually considered as the hottest and the coolest hairstyle for most men. One would surely look like a super star if they wear a pompadour hair style.

As a matter of fact, this hair style shows off the nicest features of your face, and it doesn’t cover your face that much.

If you want to know how to do it, you’ll have to get a small section of your hair right from the tip of your hair to the top. The small section will be used and comb it into the high or the mid-high pompadour and the rest will be tied up by using a hair clip.

You then have to comb back the small section of your hair using a fine comb, and place the tip towards the front of your face and simply complete the rest.

You can also create some bangs and use the bristle brush. Place a clip and simply pin to hold up your hair, while the rest could be left hanging or ponytailed. When you’re done with the styling, you can complete the entire procedure using medium hold spray.


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