Some Interesting Facts about Chocolate


Love or Hate – You can’t ignore chocolates

Love or Hate – You can’t ignore chocolates
Love or Hate – You can’t ignore chocolates

“Can I come back and see you sometime?”
“Long as you bring me some chocolate,” Gramma said, and smiled. “I’m partial to chocolate.”
“Gramma, you’re diabetic.”
“I’m old, girl. Gonna die of something. Might as well be chocolate’’.
Rachel Caine, The Dead Girls’ Dance (The Morganville Vampires, #2)

Interesting right? Women seem to have a much deeper appreciation for chocolate than men and it has been scientifically proven that when men are hungry, they mostly crave for fat or savory foods. However, when women are starving – they run for ‘chocolate’! They say that all a woman needs is love, but a little chocolate doesn’t hurt every now and then! But it’s not just women who find comfort in the soothing and divine taste of Chocolate, it seems have something comforting to offer, people of all ages and backgrounds.

No wonder an average American consumes more than 10 pounds of chocolate every year which contains a range of nutrients. Of course most chocolates contain fat or some fattening ingredient, but believe it or not, cocoa butter, one of the most important ingredients of chocolate consists of healthy fat that is needed in all diets. Chocolates don’t just taste good, they ARE good. Researchers suggest, people who consume cocoa regularly tend to have lower blood pressure and a much better health than those who don’t.

The best of all chocolate, from a health point of view is the ‘dark’ chocolate. You see, it has the potential to have the largest quantity of cocoa solids which is at least to 70%. This means that 70% of the chocolate is from the cocoa bean and less from added sugars, oils and perhaps other fillers. So I couldn’t agree more when I read somewhere, that coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted!

Anyway, let me share with you some of the most interesting facts about chocolate, you might not already know!


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