How your body warns you about a heart attack


Heart disease let’s defeat, Keep a healthy heart beat.

How your body warns you about a heart attack

There are certain approaches of a common man to the term ‘heart disease’.

It is perhaps due to the lack of awareness or the commonness of the symptoms, which are not very distinctive, that people are unable to differentiate between ‘nothing to worry about’ and what can be termed as a serious ‘heart attack’. This is only because we are not well-informed and deliberately choose not to suspect the worse (unless one is a hypochondriac).

Even though heart disease can have various causes – from genetic to age factor and different lifestyles, all have an impact on the probability of a heart attacks occurring. And heart attacks, if not treated immediately, can be fatal.

Considered to be common in men these days, not many know that women are not safe either.

What we need to understand is that as much as this heart disease alone can be deadly more than all forms of the cancers combined, it can still be cured! Yes it can be. And the chances of surviving a heart arrest or heart attack are increased if emergency treatment is given as soon as possible.

So the question arises, how to discriminate between “not feeling well” to “seriously unwell’’?

Unlike the melodramatic episodes of heart attacks, as often depicted in the movies, heart attacks in real life start slowly with signs such as mild pain or discomfort. People usually ignore the earlier signs of discomfort as something monotonous without realizing the seriousness of the matter.

So to begin with, we need to understand that contrasting to what we view in the movies etc, heart attacks start rather softly and as lightly as just a mild pain or discomfort. Our body naturally gives enough warning signals sometimes abrupt and sometimes slow and ignorable – to get prepared.

Let’s have a heart to heart about the heart disease

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