How to keep your credit score high


Credit Score Ranges

Credit Score Ranges
Credit Score Ranges

Credit scores generally range between the low 300s and the mid-800s. One might think that a score around 600 should be a decent credit score but not really. A credit score is considered excellent if it ranges between 720 and up.

If the score is from 680 to 719 then it will only be considered good. I know that might sound weird, but that’s how it is. An average credit score range from 620 to 679. If the score is from 580 to 619 it is considered poor credit score. Bad credit score is 500 to 579 and anything less than 500 is considered a miserable credit score.

Thus, a decent credit score must range somewhere within 680 to 719 to be on the safe side. Achieving this score should not really be a problem if you work up your finances and apply the tips mentioned in this article!


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