Globe Trotting just made easier – An Affordable World


To plan or not to plan?

Globe Trotting just made easier - An Affordable World

I am a big planner. I do not feel comfortable with too much spontaneity so what I do is I plan days on a tentative basis; so If I’m in love with a place and feel that there is so much more I can do, I don’t have to worry about wasting my ticket if I stay longer.

Also, I figure out the places I MUST see and then I leave room to explore. I do it this way because I love history and architecture and experiencing culture and usually want to read up on everything before I get there so I feel like I have to plan.

If you want to be free from that stress, I suggest simply keep a cap on your money and promise that “once I only have enough to get home, I’ll go home”. Then again, if you know the local language and you don’t have to get back to work or studies and other important things, then you can always get an odd job locally.

Many students work in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, farms and many more places.

Globe Trotting just made easier - An Affordable World

If you don’t know the local language, maybe there is someone who wants to learn English or another language that you know, so look in the adverts, any online places offering such jobs.

Most of all, be safe. Have all sorts of fun but be aware of yourself, you want to make memories you cherish not ones that you will regret and never speak of.


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