Some foodstuff You should NEVER Eat


Table Salt

Table Salt

Once referred to as the “white gold” – the regular table salt is definitely the food you should never eat. I know people think table salt only causes hypertension. But no, not exactly. You won’t be pleased to learn that the salts that we normally use come from manufacturing of 97.5% sodium chloride and a mixture of chemicals such as harmful fluoride, synthetic iodine, sugar, and bleaching agents etc!!

But even that is not the point I am trying to make here. All I want you to understand is that regular table salt is dangerous for our health. It is unhealthy and can be downright toxic for our bodies.

Just to name a few, the processed salt is (by large) the cause of muscle cramps, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, gall bladder and kidney stones, rheumatism and countless digestion problems! Sea salt and Himalayan salt should be used instead as they contain 84 essential elements, that benefits the body in countless ways.


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