Some foodstuff You should NEVER Eat


Broiler chickens and Eggs

Broiler chickens and Eggs

Broiler chickens or broilers are a heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding cultivated poultry, bred and raised purposely for meat fabrication. These chickens are descended primarily from some crazy stuff that goes down on non-organic farms, where their feed could include traces of caffeine, Tylenol, harmful chemicals and for a fact, even something more disgusting.

What people don’t understand is that a broiler chicken is not good for health at all. These chickens are fed on harmful chemicals in order to get them ready for maximum meat production and gain fat. They are given chemicals injections to grow 3 times faster than a normal chicken.

That in itself sounds abnormal and unhealthy. Each chicken may have growth hormones related problems and believe me that can affect us as well. Even the broilers bones are weak due to inappropriate maturity and lack of proper nutrition getting stuffed with chemicals and medications.


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