Some foodstuff You should NEVER Eat


Processed Meats

Processed Meats

Processed foods should be avoided at all times for so many reasons. But to begin with I say just stay away from the processed meats. Processed meats are the worst form of food on earth. I know and have experienced myself as to how difficult it can be to stay away from such foods.

Especially in the U.S. because all you find everywhere around you is ham, salami, hot dogs and bacon etc. Of course they taste so good and are too easy to cook! But, like it or not, these foods are not just full of unhealthy lard I tell you. They can have four times more sodium, and they may hold within them more than 50 percent more preservatives from normal and not so harmful foods.

Such foods consist of compound additives that are these days commonly related to various forms of cancers. But sadly, such additives are openly used in the production of such foods only to improve their colors, elevate taste, and avoid spoilage. These ingredients must be listed on food labels, so look out for them and opt for meats that don’t contain them.


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