Fall 2016 Nail Color Trends



Fall 2016 Nail Color Trends

Everyone loves the color Red. There is a whole lot of shade for one to choose from, actually. Thus, you need to do a little bit of shopping and simply find the one that fits you well. However, if you think that you cannot really wear red upon your fingers, feel free to put it on your toes.

Black – well, everybody also loves black, but it’s for those who love being bold. If you have extremely long nails, black color may not be the best one for you. However, it could look pretty good on those short, neatly groomed hands.

Autumn colors – think about the colors of the autumn leaves. These are the purple, orange, deep green and brown. The manicure palette for this year’s fall is brimming with the sophisticated, warm and of course, delicious shades of russet, chocolate as well as burgundy.


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