Essential Oils Rub for Plantar Fasciitis


The Essential Oil Rub to Soothe Plantar Fasciitis and other Foot Pain

Essential Oils Rub for Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve suffered from the shooting pain of plantar fasciitis in my heels and arches and it is NOT fun. The shooting pain starts first thing in the morning and can be excruciating.

Long term it pays to get great shoes like Danskos or Birkenstocks. Exercise can help too.

But for immediate soothing try this essential oil ouchy foot rub, with ingredients that are traditionally used to stop pain it can really help. Make sure you don’t skip the coconut oil or almond oil.

Either is fine, I prefer coconut oil, because it melts into my skin. But many people prefer almond oil. It’s very important to have a carrier oil like this in order to make skin application comfortable and safe and to not waste the essential oils.

Now lets get to those wonderful ingredients!


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