China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?



China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?

Alas, this won’t be changing Asian ideals of beauty any time soon. Having and keeping your skin white is a symbol of class and race. This trend is only going to make it worse.

Although concerns of getting sunburnt and skin cancer are very real, there are water proof  sunblocks out there to protect your face and skin, they are even good enough to keep not only your skin tone but skin temperature controlled. It is a shame that people want to hide themselves and not be proud of their natural self.

Unfortunately, if you’re wearing it in any place other than the beach, you could be arrested for suspicion. No one wants someone dressed like a bank robber walking around the city, even if it is to protect your delicate complexion. This begs the question, will people begin to act differently knowing they are not recognizable? Time will be the judge.


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