China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?


A serious side of the mask

China’s latest beach trend. Attraction or Repulsion?

On a serious note though, I got a little scared because I was reminded of burn victims who need to protect their face from becoming infected. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the movie, ‘The Skin I Live In” starring Antonio Banderas where he creates a mask for his wife who was horribly burnt. He succeeds in creating artificial skin that can be worn to protect one’s body.

The character Robert makes the audience think about what our face means to us, how it is a representation of us and is also our identity. Thought provoking indeed!

Who would I look like if I didn’t look like me? Let’s say through magic (have you ever seen those teen movies with souls swapping bodies?) or surgery I ended up looking like Angelina Jolie or resembling my rottweiler…How would I feel? Would I start acting differently?

Change my views?

Who would I be? Although we may like to think the way we look has no effects of how we think and feel, I believe that is a bit too presumptuous.


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