8 Best Credit Cards in the US


8. The Chase Slate Credit Card

8 Best Credit Cards in the US

The Chase Sate is market’s one of the most favorite Credit Cards. Even though most of its features may seem to be similar to many other Credit Cards but what makes it stand out is its simple yet perfect plan to help you get out of debt once and for all.

It allows you a fairly long balance transfer period and doesn’t claim any fee! Sounds good?!

Well that is not all.

Like I said it all depends on your needs and requirement, it doesn’t offer any rewards though, but then not everyone is interested in that system when they have other challenging tasks worrying them like balance transfers and refinancing their previous high-interest credit card debts.

So Chase Slate targets the clients to chase their FICO scores, helps them to understand their credit report, and resolve the elements affecting their overall credit strength.


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