8 Best Credit Cards in the US


5. Discover Student Credit Card

8 Best Credit Cards in the US

This credit card is exclusively planned to support students (college or higher level students). Students who have either very little or no credit history cannot apply for credit cards to build their own credit history.

So the good thing about this credit card is that it has been designed to support students of that background. It has no annual fee and no penalty. There is no foreign transaction fee. The APR is as per the credit merit but it offers 0% APR for the first six months.

It also offers many rewards like 5% cash back on all or most purchases, achievement rewards which students can achieve for good grades, redemption flexibility and choices to select from, plus it has more than 200 online retailers which offer special Discover range of bonuses, plus it offers an option of freezing the card with just an app if the card gets lost or stolen.


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