7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas


Want to get paid to tell someone what’s in your fridge?

7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas

The Neilsen Consumer Panel will actually do that.

In the ever growing marketplace, companies need to know who is buying their products. While they can get a lot of information from watching your club cards, there are still a lot of gaps to fill in… and Neilsen is filling those in with your help.

Basically, the company will send you a scanner and every time you go shopping, you scan the barcodes of each and every product that you purchase. And I mean every time you go shopping… grocery shopping, toy stores, clothing…. It doesn’t matter what, they want to know.

They use this information, along with some basic demographic information that they get from you as you apply to participate, to figure out who the market is for these products. And the best part is that they pay in you reward points that you can redeem for gift cards and other things, plus they enter you into sweepstakes for all sorts of things!


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