7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas


You can get paid to watch Television

7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas

Yep, you’re not seeing things. Companies will actually pay you to answer trivia question about the TV shows that you watch.

Do you know who was kicked off of Idol last night? How about what happened on Game of Thrones last night? If you can answer this sort of question, you can do this job.

What companies are trying to do is see which shows you’re watching and how memorable these shows are to you so that they can see if they’re doing a good job at marketing their shows to you. The company I found looking for television reviews is called RewardTV.

This isn’t a way to get rich quickly, but if you’re already watching Prime Time TV, you might as well get some extra cash doing it! And again… pajamas are perfectly appropriate work attire for this one.


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