7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas


Fix Search Engine Results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo

7 Weird Ways to Make Money in Your Pajamas

Search engines use complicated math in order to try to give you the search results you’d expect when you type in “ways to make money in my pajamas.” But the math is looking for specific words, and trying to guess what the words mean when they’re strung together. This means that when I did that search, I also got results about money patterned pajamas (no joke… try it).

So these search engine companies need people who can actually read the results and try to help the fix the math so that it works better next time… so my search for “ways to make money in my pajamas” shouldn’t come up with the money patterned pajamas next time.

You can work this when you’ve got spare time (in your pajamas as you watch TV), set your own hours, learn a lot about the world, and get paid to do it. To try this one, look for Leapforce, Lionbridge, or Appen Butler Hill online.


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