5 Basic Steps To Pick the Perfect Shoes With Your Outfit


Here are some of the great tips on how to choose the right shoes

5 Basic Steps To Pick the Perfect Shoes With Your Outfit

Neutral is the best tone

Some of the neutral tone outfits actually look suitable when being matched with the neutral tone shoes. Say for instance, if you’re wearing black dress, you’ll look striking with the right pair of black heels.

Whenever you plan on wearing the same color from the head to toe, you must be prepared to accessorize yourself with the jewelry that adds a bit of sparkle or color to your outfit in order to avoid looking dull. You must also tone down your bright outfit by using a neutral shoe.

Whenever your clothes are loud, you must avoid using shoes that will also compete for attention. Moreover, if you slip on the royal blue sundress, you should also match it with a nice pair of white sandals instead of using another blue shoes.

If you’re in doubt, the nude colors will help you out, as they blend well with your skin tone. Since it mimics your skin tone, it will be a lot easier for you to pair them with other colors.


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